California-Oregon Seed, Inc. is dedicated to
bringing its customers both high quality seed
potatoes and sincere customer service.
Great Geographical Diversity

The great geographical diversity in
soils, climate, latitude and elevation
provides a variety of benefits.
Harvest is continuous during the
year extending over several months
from late June through mid
Custom Seed Production Program

Whereas potato variety traits do vary greatly in the amount
of dormancy time required for optimal field performance, Cal-
Ore can provide a custom seed production program to best
meet each individual customerÕs specific requirements. Also,
our close proximity to the Pacific Ocean container ports of
Oakland and Long Beach provides a huge competitive
advantage in servicing the expanding export market of the
Asia Pacific region.

High Altitude Vigor

Disease and insect pressures are particularly low in the high
desert climate of the Klamath Basin, which provides our seed
potatoes with high altitude vigor. Close cooperation with the
internationally successful Western Regional potato breeding
program makes available the most advanced, disease tested
clones for tissue culture propagation. Cal-Ore seed potatoes
are monitored for quality from the earliest stages of
production through final delivery to the customer.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on providing both sincere and
knowledgeable customer service. Our commitment to the
customer extends far beyond that of the initial purchase. As
your season progresses, we will work with you to help ensure
the raising of a successful crop, assisting you with:

  • Phone consultation and follow-up
  • On site field visits
  • Variety specific management practices
  • Soil fertility levels
At Cal-Ore Seed, we meet and
abide by all the rules and
procedures set by the
programs of the California and
Oregon seed certification
agencies. This commitment to
quality involves:
  • Close monitoring and inspection of fields and crops
  • Modern testing techniques for virus detection to ensure that
    entry level stocks are free from harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Isolation of tested and qualified early generation stocks from
    later classifications
  • Strict sanitation is always utilized
  • Professionally trained potato certification inspectors
  • Special care is taken during harvest and storage to minimize
    damage and maintain tuber quality
  • Utilization of “State of the Art” potato storage equipment and
Production extends from
Southern California where the
Cuyama Valley is situated in the
Sierra Madre Coast Range at
2,400 feet elevation with deep
sandy loam soils. Moving north
from there 300 miles to the
heart of the fertile organic soils
of the California Delta located at
below sea level elevation near
Stockton. Then 350 miles
further north to the beautiful
intermountain Klamath Basin of
the high Cascade Range along
the California Oregon border at
an elevation of 4,100 feet.
We are ready to work with you to achieve your best harvest
results ever. Contact us with your questions and variety
needs. We are more than happy to visit with you at any time!

For more information, contact us at:
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Robert J. “Rob” Campbell
Vice President, General Manager
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